• Counseling for Children

    Helping children to experience healing from wounds caused by improper parenting, bitter childhood experience and abuses.

  • Counseling for Students

    Building a healthy relationship between student and teachers, student and parents and creating a favorable environment for maximum development of children at schools.

  • Counseling for Teens

    Understand the needs of teens and helping them to establish their own identify. Helping them to add meaning and purpose to their life.

  • Learning Problems

    Counseling support for the children with learning disability and supportive care for the parents of children with LD.

  • Career Guidance

    Analyzing the personality type, kind of intelligence and the aptitude to make appropriate choices of courses that will help an individual to identify the career that suit to them

  • Premarital Seminars

    Preparing young people before marriage to have a realistic view about themselves and others. To make themselves free from false expectations and dreams about marriage.

  • Premarital Counseling

    Counseling couples ready for marriage or already engaged. Healthy evaluation of self and partner to avoid possible conflicts and to enhance the love and affection between them

  • Marriage Enrichment

    Designed for the married couple to nurture respect and acceptance between them and to enhance love and intimacy between them.

  • Family Counseling

    Helping Couples with in their relationship, find the causes and intensity of the problems. Identify the solutions that will enhance love in their relationship.

  • Self Help Publications

    Publishing newsletter, books and self-help books on Family, Parenting, Children, Youth, Teen Issues, Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal relations etc.

  • Teen / Youth Campus

    Campus and seminar by those experts who are dealing with specific issues of teen such as identify crisis, exploration and experimentation of sexuality, conflict management and helping them to find right direction of life.

  • Personality Development

    Discovering one’s actual potential and maximizing it to make life comfortable and meaningful. Knowing our own strength and weakness will keep us from unhealthy competition and from feeling incompetent.